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Tips to Make the Most Out of a Roulette Session

Everyone will have encountered roulette systems that have experienced players swear on them and promise that if that roulette system worked for them that system will work wonders for your roulette sessions as well. On top of all that, some of these advertised roulette systems will even present crazy statistical calculations to prove the veracity of their claim.

The truth is that if you do a little search you'll find that a lot of mathematicians and gambling professionals agree on the fact that the game of roulette can't permit the use of strategies like the ones we use for blackjack or poker. So, what can players do to make the most out of their roulette sessions?

What players can do is to make the most of their roulette sessions within the framework of the game. Players should play smart and avoid taking really unwarranted risk when playing roulette. Here are a few tips so that any player can make the most of your roulette sessions.

Tip #1 - choose the version of roulette that has less risk. There are different versions of roulette, so we must be picky regarding which game we play on. There are casinos that offer the American version of roulette and others will have the European version of roulette (others will offer both). Our first tip concerns itself with playing the version with a lower house edge.

The American roulette wheel has the double zero on its wheel while the European version only has the single zero on its wheel. This means that the European version of roulette will have one bet less on its table layout. That reduction already helps to bring the house advantage down to 2.6%, one of the lowest you'll find. So our first tip is to stick with the European version of roulette.

Tip #2 - make more even money wagers. Even money wagers include red/black, even/odd, and high/low wagers on the table layout. These roulette wagers will have a low payout at one for one. But these wagers are still worth recommending in that they have the best odds of winning in roulette.

Tip #3 - play on a table that allows la partage and en prison. Not all roulette tables will allow these two rules. Choose the roulette tables that do offer these rules simply because having them in place hammers the house edge down to 1.35%.

Tip #4 - a roulette wager that you should never make. Tip #2 presents wagers we recommend that you should make since they have the best odds on the roulette table. The worst wager, and the one you should never ever make, is five-number bet. This wager has really bad odds, a high house edge, and a bad payout to top it all.

Using these tips make the most of your roulette session. These tips go along within the framework of a roulette game.