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The Winning Formula to Roulette

How to win big at roulette has always been the question of many players for a number of years. Roulette has become more and more popular within casinos over the past 15 years. Roulette was originally a game that was used between games because of its simplicity. Many gamblers have often sat at the roulette table after a hard round of poker to relax and have a drink. Now that online casinos have the game soaring in popularity, roulette is more popular more than ever.

With the advent of online casinos, one inevitably hears of roulette systems or formulas being talked about and how it could bring about a jackpot. Many equate the online casinos as being easier to crack than its traditional wheel counterpart.

Do secret code breaking formulas exist? Are the numbers chosen at random? These questions and more have been asked over and over again.

There are some ways of greatly increasing ones chances of winning big on the roulette table. There are also websites on the web that assert for a small price, it would teach the player how to win at the tables 96% of the time. Others who sell their strategies on the web promise almost 100% outcome. With thousands of people buying the guide, do the systems really work?

There are actually a few ways one can increase the chances of winning without paying for a kit or system.

- Players will and lose in streaks. The trick is to wait until one hits the winning streak then bets heavily and constantly on the next few bets. When the player realizes that the winning streak seems to be winding down, decrease the bet. - Avoid single numbers bet. The odds of the ball landing on a single number compared to the payout are not the best on the table. - Playing European roulette instead of American version for the former wheel has an extra slot, giving the house more chances against the player. - Avoid spending ones entire bankroll in one table. Spread out, get a feel for each table. - Avoid extra calling or riding a call by placing two bets at the same time. Keep the bets short and sweet. - Read articles, newsletters, and books that detail the things that celebrity players do before and after a game. Perhaps the secret in winning is in the pre or post game events. - Go back to the basics. Sometimes the way a person plays determines how solid their foundation learning is.